DRINK YOURSELF BEAUTIFUL - Can drinking water really make your skin glow?

DRINK YOURSELF BEAUTIFUL - Can drinking water really make your skin glow?

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Models and actresses always give the same answer to the question of what their beauty secret is. They all claim to be slim, fit and have glowing skin because they drink a lot of water. We know that our bodies need a sufficient supply of water, but what is the truth behind the claim that water is a beauty aid? We took a look at the topic from a medical perspective and got to the bottom of the many different effects of water.


Water balance
More than half of the human body is made up of water. Fluid is regularly excreted via the skin, kidneys, breath and intestines. In order to maintain a constant water balance, adults should drink around 2 liters of water a day (the need increases in the heat and during exercise), as water fulfils important functions in our body. For example, it is needed to transport nutrients, regulate heat and for many chemical processes in the body.

Those who drink too little throughout the day usually notice this through thirst, headaches, dry mouth, difficulty concentrating and muscle cramps. Such an acute lack of fluids can be easily remedied, but if the body is permanently supplied with far too little fluid, this can result in organ damage. So drinking is essential for our bodily functions, but is it also essential for our beauty?


Too little does harm, too much does nothing
As mentioned in the last paragraph, too little fluid intake can have a negative impact. Our largest organ, the skin, also suffers from a lack of water. As the tissue is not sufficiently supplied with blood when dehydrated, the skin dries out quickly, loses elasticity and looks pale. The reverse conclusion is obvious: drinking more than the recommended amount of water per day can not only tighten the skin, but also give it a rosy, radiant appearance. But far from it! Drinking more than 2 liters per day does not make the skin firmer or healthier, nor does it reduce the first signs of aging. Too little water intake can therefore damage the skin, but too much does nothing.

It is a myth that drinking water moisturizes the skin. Although the supply of water is essential for the tissues inside the body, the surface of the skin is supplied by other means. Good skin hydration can therefore only come from the outside, with the help of a rich facial moisturizer and a body lotion that is tailored to the needs of the respective skin type.

A healthy lifestyle is only possible if the body is supplied with sufficient water (or even unsweetened tea). However, the skin also needs external help in the form of creams and lotions, such as those available in the wide range of products from Unrefined Riches.  

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