YOU'VE EARNED IT! - Consider New Year's resolutions as self-care and realize them more easily

YOU'VE EARNED IT! - Consider New Year's resolutions as self-care and realize them more easily

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It's mid-February and therefore the perfect time to review the first few weeks of the year. Have you implemented your New Year's resolutions so far or are you finding it difficult to eat healthier, exercise more or spend more time in nature? Yes? Then you're like most of us. Studies show that only very few people actually manage to keep their resolutions. We'll show you how it can still work in 2022.

Be specific
In the end, resolutions are nothing more than goals. And they need to be as specific as possible so that they are as achievable as possible. So if you want to do something good for yourself in 2020 by changing something here and there, then you should approach the whole thing wisely. If we take sport as an example, you should think carefully about what kind of sport you want to do, how often per week, and exactly what you want to achieve by when. It could sound something like this: "I want to go jogging three times a week after work and after three months I want to be able to run 10 km in one go". 

It's all about you
It is often the case that resolutions are made for the wrong reasons. There are agreements with friends, social pressure or the desire to please someone. None of this is bad per se, but who benefits from these resolutions? When it comes to perseverance, there is always a kind of obligation to others. But new routines are supposed to benefit you! Resolutions - whether for the new year or whenever - are about self-care, i.e. solely about you! It is therefore important to formulate your resolutions in such a way that they benefit you individually. You should clearly visualize the attractive benefits for yourself. For our sports example, this could look something like this: "If I go jogging three times a week, I will have more energy, be happier overall thanks to the endorphins, have a healthier body thanks to the regular exercise and have more radiant skin thanks to the fresh air". That sounds wonderful!

Reflect regularly
If you haven't managed to achieve more self-care so far this year, that's no reason to throw your nerves away. Rewrite your goals, make them a little more specific and see what benefits you can reap if you stick to your resolutions. We also recommend that you briefly reflect each week. Taking a look at what you have achieved or failed to achieve in the past week will give you a good starting point for planning the coming week. There is no shame in adapting the path to your goal. As long as you stay true to yourself and put self-care first in all your decisions, anything goes.
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