About Us

Meet the Founder

Hi, I am Adelaide.

I am 24 years old, born in Hamburg with Ghanaian roots and happily married for two years. On September 1, 2018, I finally dared to take the step into the cosmetics industry as an entrepreneur, and for a very good reason.

As a child I suffered from an allergy to the sun, extremely dry skin and an inherited form of hyperpigmentation (melasma). In addition, teenagers had highly impure skin and even more pigment spots. My dermatologists were stumped. After many prescribed ointments and creams, they thought that with my dark skin type I should get used to my pigment spots and melasma. While trying to hide my skin problems, the next disillusionment followed in the drugstore. Not only was there no skin care products for my skin type, there was no make-up for my skin tone. My confidence level? 0!

Even then I recognized this big gap in
the cosmetics industry.

In short, they tried them, and after a few weeks they noticed an improvement in their skin condition and I knew that I had created something out of my suffering that could possibly help other people. I quickly realized that I wanted to start a cosmetics company. Not the easiest task I had chosen, of course. Especially not as the sole boss and employee of my company.

I was aware of that. But for me there was only the option to keep complaining about the cosmetics industry or to go out and change something.

And of course I could have decided to produce only products for the darker skin types. However, I knew the feeling of being excluded and did not want to follow in the footsteps of those who had done so long enough. I wanted to show that it is possible to cover the needs of all skin types and tones. From the very beginning, my goal was to give women with different skin types, tones and hair textures the opportunity to feel comfortable in their skin and to be able to care for it effectively and without restrictions with the right care products.

Contrary to the apparent norm of the German cosmetics industry, I therefore consciously include the needs of dark skin types, as well as curly and frizzy hair types in the product development. Since the launch of the first two products in February 2019, I have received a lot of positive feedback and great before-and-after pictures of customers with whose skin type and tone I cannot always identify, but very much with their feeling of wanting to feel comfortable in their skin as a woman (or even a man). Meanwhile I am working on new products and I am curious to see what Unrefined Riches has in store for you in the future.