Gua Sha - application and effect of the TCM beauty trend

Gua Sha - application and effect of the TCM beauty trend

Stimulation therapy for the skin
The new beauty trend comes from China. Gua Sha translates as "to smooth away redness" and has long been part of skin care practices in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Stones are used to massage the skin. This is intended to stimulate the lymph flow and remove toxins from the skin. Depending on which stone is used, this is said to have different effects on the skin according to TCM. The two most common stones used for Gua Sha are jade and rose quartz. Jade is said to help decongest the skin and is particularly suitable for use on blemished skin due to its anti-inflammatory effect. Rose quartz, on the other hand, is said to have a calming effect in TCM. Whether you believe these esoteric things or not, massaging with the stone definitely has positive effects.


The correct application
For Gua Sha, you first need a suitable stone and facial oil. You can get both from a well-stocked specialist shop. Step 1 is cleansing. Not only should make-up and dirt be removed from the skin before use, you also need to clean the stone thoroughly before each application to prevent bacteria from being massaged into the skin. Next, apply the oil to your face and neck. Then grab the stone and start the massage. It is best to hold the stone flat and at a slight angle and then stroke from the inside out (i.e. from the nose to the cheek) and from the bottom up (i.e. from the eyebrows to the hairline). We recommend starting at the jaw, then massaging the cheeks and finally the forehead. It is important to wash the stone off again afterwards.

How often should I do this? - Ideally twice a day. In the morning you give your skin the necessary boost of freshness for the start of the day and in the evening a massage à la Gua Sha provides relaxation. Regularity is definitely the key to success here.

Do I need to pay attention to anything? - Application is not recommended for dry skin. It is better to moisturize the skin first and only then apply Gua Sha to the skin. 

Include in your beauty plan. Care should always be taken when applying the product, as the eye area is particularly sensitive. Always stroke gently instead of applying pressure. If you suffer from acne, you should avoid Gua Sha massages as the stone can be painful for impurities and inflammation.

A true miracle cure
Massage, relaxation and a freshness boost are great, but what are the real benefits? TCM recommends Gua Sha for migraines and attributes an anti-ageing and detox effect to the massage. There are countless reports about this on the internet, but studies have not yet been able to confirm a rejuvenating effect or relief from headaches or impurities. Nevertheless, we recommend using it, as Gua Sha has many positive effects:

  • Rosy complexion

The massage stimulates blood circulation and can reduce puffiness. The result is a healthier, rosy complexion.

  • Bright eyes

As the lymph flow is stimulated by Gua Sha, bags under the eyes are reduced and the eyes appear awake.  

  • In-depth care

If you work your skincare products in with the stone, you ensure that they are well absorbed by the skin. They can be better absorbed and develop their effect.

  • Stress reduction

The stresses of everyday life often show on the face, but who wants frown lines? Gua Sha has an anti-stress effect, as the massage relieves tension and ensures that the facial muscles are relaxed.

If you are not yet convinced, you can try the Gua Sha massage. Many beauty salons now offer this service. Simply book a treatment and get an idea. If you are convinced, nothing stands in the way of a treatment at home.  

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